Oil & Gas

New Consulting Lab GmbH is an integrated international oil, gas & petrochemical trading company with a wide range of network around the world. At NCLG our main activity is to focus on trade/market and transport crude oil, industrial and liquefied natural gas, lubricants and grease as well as petrochemical and refined oil products on a worldwide basis.





NCLG is a young company with a talented group of people whom contribute immensely to this successful and growing company. With a long-term vision.


Our goal is to maintain a global perspective; we are dedicated to supplying products of the highest quality, yet at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction.


We are determined be innovative, competitive with superior capabilities both as individuals and as an organization.





Strong relationships are central to our fuel oil business and they enable us to respond efficiently to then requests of our customers. We have in-depth awareness of market developments through our activities in all the major oil trading forums. Complementing this with our worldwide network of offices, we have both a global perspective and local insight into real time market dynamics.


The ever-growing correlation between energy products, commodities and financial services represents opportunity for us. Our origination team coordinates all the physical and financial elements that enable the realization of large scale transactions anywhere along the supply chain. Working with our trading desks, the team operates across all commodities and all the potential markets and helps partners to meet their business objectives by providing access to adequate financial resources.





NCLG manages market, financial and operational risks associated with transporting commodities in significant volumes around the world.


We aim to manage risks soundly across the spectrum. We continue to invest in our infrastructure through strategic Energy Trading & Risk Management (ETRM) systems.


Our corporate culture stresses the values of accountability, responsibility and communication at all levels of the organization, and the people of NCLG take those values seriously.

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