Commodity Trading

We would like to present New Consulting Lab GmbH for your considerations as perspective supply partners for all requirements on Crude Oil, Iron Ore, Magnetite/Hematite, Manganese Ore, Copper & Aluminum Scarp, Copper Ore, Raw Fluorite, Coal and more. The introduction of NCLG along with our objectives defined, are underneath for your kind perusal.


NCLG, Switzerland is a consortium of companies dealing in Oil, Ferrous, Non-Ferrous and Precious Metals from all over the World, having its Head Office in Wynau, Switzerland and representative Offices in Cyprus, USA, Germany, Iran, Switzerland, Singapore, Shenzhen with a network of NCLG Associates, across NCLG was founded on an ideology to introduce a trading system, which provides simple, regulated, qualitative and client oriented service.


Being one of the finest platform for the trading in metals including our own delegated brokers and traders associated with manufactures and recycling companies all over the world. After decades of experience in metal trading, our company decided to create a network, which has now reached over several countries in the world to accelerate and provide trading services to committed organization.


The main non-ferrous metals are traded primarily on the commodity markets e.g. the London Metal Exchange (LME) and various other platforms like Platt’s. Through one of its own companies the NCLG is in daily contact with these futures markets – for the benefit of customers and the Group. Thanks to the latest communication technology, the NCLG traders keep the customers informed of current prices and the latest trends.


But the trading is not only carried out on the exchange. Direct transactions with the partners are a strength of NCLG. New Consulting Lab long-standing experience as well as its market position and financial strength are especially advantageous in this respect.



  • NCLG believe experience is proportional to the exposure of an enterprise to the market.
  • After working with hundreds of firms being & victims of fraud and scams ourselves we have redefined trading, and its terms to keep all parties secure, satisfied and give each client maximum value addition through our trading skills.
  • Where trading is known for its profitability, it is also known for its risks in business, here, we minimize these risks by understanding the NEEDS of clients fulfilling our commitments and wining of the clients.


Our partnerships for Gold, Iron Ore, Manganese Ore and Copper Cathodes, Copper Ore, Crude Oil, LPG  and others are in:


• Canada

• United States of America

• Germany

• Switzerland

• Chile

• Argentina

• Brazil

• United Arab Emirates

• Tanzania

• Zambia

• Philippines

• Russia

• Mexico

• South Africa

• Iran

• Australia



Our past performance and our rapport with the existing clients add feather to our cap which in turn refer NCLG to their associates and helps us earning clients, at large. It is just knowing the customers’ requirements which help us serving them better and is synonymous to fulfillment of our commitments and earning their trust on us.



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