Our Mission


New Consulting Lab offers highest quality services in international business. We connect worldwide buyers with sellers and create a win-win situation for all parties.


Our Vision


Create a perfect atmosphere between all parties with extraordinary service. Establish longterm business relationships instead of running after a single Dollar.


Who We Are

The Team of New Consulting Lab LLC is multi-national. What does it mean? Very easy to explain; We at New Consulting Lab LLC do not judge anyone on their ethnic origin or his looking. We treat everyone the same way; with respect.


According to this mix of different nationalities we are able to understand the other party, not only from listening also about their culture and morals.


Our employees are well educated with many years of work experience. They had been working in Swiss Banks, International Trading Companies, Real Estate Offices, Pharmacy Companies, Government etc. before joining us at NCLG. We collect that knowledge and force it in one strong light.

Do you want to join us? Send your application letter included a current CV to info@nclg.ch.

We are looking forward to hear from you.

Our Company Profile

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